Imagine if you were throwing stones into a pool of water. As the stones hit the water they would create ripples making it impossible to see your reflection in the pool. As you stop throwing the stones, the movement ceases. As the water becomes still your image will appear on the surface.

The mind is like a pool, constantly bombarded with thoughts that create ripples. Meditation is a tool that allows us to still the waters of the mind enabling us to see our true reflection.

I would like to guide you to go within and meet the true self by guided meditations that will take you on a progressive journey each week. I will introduce you to different methods of going within such as sound and breathing. My goal is that you will become familiar with these processes and it will enable you to take yourself on these journeys on a regular basis.

Guided meditation classes will guide and teach you to find that place within yourself that will enable you to let go, relax and meet life’s challenges. By getting in touch with yourself, you will build self esteem , trust and knowledge and you will be obtaining a tool that will bring about balance a sense of peace.

Small classes of four, in the peaceful environment of my clinic, learning breathing techniques, visualization and incorporating the use of crystals and sound therapy. An empowering, progressive journey of six or eight sessions bringing awareness to your true self and your true potential.