Chakras are the very essence of who you are.  Chakras are responsible for creating and maintaining your very existence.  They are energy centers that are vibrating that bring physical form into being. The energy that radiates from the chakras sets your thoughts and feelings in motion. Your very desire for spiritual knowledge and wisdom is a sign of the gentle opening of these energy centers.

The word chakra comes from Sanskrit, the ancient language of India and translates as ‘circle’, ‘wheel’ or ‘vortex of energy’.  The chakra system is the electromagnetic structure of our consciousness, created by the flow of our life force through the mind and body.  The chakras are the intersections of energy and consciousness located along the main energy channel flowing from the upper brain to the base of the spine, and regulating your physical, mental and emotional states.

Each chakra represents a realm of thoughts, emotions, desires, goals and ideals.  The first Chakra at the base of the spine is concerned with physical survival.  Moving up the spine, the second chakra in the lower abdomen is concerned with relationships, the third chakra at the navel, with our place in the world, the fourth chakra at the heart center, with the power of compassion and love, the fifth chakra, at the throat with the power of communication of ideas of truth and beauty, the sixth chakra, in the center of the brain, with the power of meditative and cognitive awareness, and the seventh chakra is our journey back to the infinite potential of the highest self.

If the flow of your life energy and consciousness is blocked at any point within the chakras or the channels through which the energy flows to the chakras, this will have profound effect on your physical and mental health, how you see yourself and others, how you operate in the world, and your ability to manifest your highest potential.