When our self-esteem is low, we sometimes attempt to compensate with certain behaviours that give us artificial self-esteem.  We fill the emptiness created by our lack of self worth with codependent relationships.  A codependent relationship is one which is compulsive and dependent in an unhealthy manner. We feel we need it, that we are not okay without it, and it makes us temporarily feel good. A codependent relationship can be with a person, work, food, alcohol, drugs and other substances and behaviours.  Codependency and addiction are symptoms of low self esteem.  People turn to those compulsive behaviours when they feel empty inside and want to feel better about themselves.


You learnt to be who you are when you were small.  You learnt how to perceive and how to react to your world:


Emotional disturbance does not begin from the events that precede them, but from the mind’s interpretation of those events.  You make yourself happy or miserable from your own perceptions, attitudes and what you say to yourself about those outside events.  When you change your interpretation, your mind talk, about any given event, it also changes your feelings, which in turn changes your actions.  Those actions in turn, effect how others respond to you!

What is important to understand is that self esteem, or valuing of oneself is based on beliefs, what you think or believe.  So by using the tools of Holistic Kinesiology, Holistic Living Counselling, Journey Therapy and Hypnotherapy, you can discover what the beliefs are that are not working for you in your life, beliefs that you took on when you were young and we can then change those beliefs and consequently change your perception of yourself, others and life, which will change how you react to the world and how others react to you.

Each person is unique and special.  All of us have our own gifts to give as we pass through life on this planet.  When we are in touch with ourselves, who we are, what we feel, what we need, what we love and enjoy, then that special gift can be expressed.  When we try to measure up to external standards, it is impossible to be in touch with ourselves or that inner gift.  By honoring ourselves exactly as we are, the bad with the good, that inner gift is brought back to the forefront and is allowed expression.