We all get depressed from time to time. Being depressed some of the time is the normal human condition. Depression only becomes a serious problem when it is either very deep or very prolonged. It then requires specialist treatment.

There can be many reasons for depression. Some people become depressed as a consequence of what they see as overwhelming pressure in their lives. Others are depressed as a direct result of sickness. People who are unable to meet their own expectations of themselves may feel depressed and those people who cannot accept that other people do not live up to their expectations may also feel depressed. There are people who are grieving as a consequence of loss and people who are stuck in the grieving process, unable to move through it. There are a huge range of circumstances that may produce depression in some people.

In some people feelings and emotions at certain times in their lives have been unable to be processed, so they have been suppressed. Over time this may cause blockages on an emotional, energetic and spiritual level and may lead to physical and chemical imbalances which may result in depression.

With the use of Holistic Kinesiology, Holistic Living Counselling, Journey Therapy and Hynotherapy, you can begin monitoring your thinking and self talk. You can unlock those stored emotions and feelings and discover the beliefs that may not be beneficial for you and you can change those beliefs to the ones that will create feelings of hope and optimism. Consequently, changing the way you perceive and react to circumstances and changing the way you feel. Unlocking those stored emotions and feelings can set you free to live a life of being you.